Prince of Peace Preschool is a sponsored ministry of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Please follow the link here to learn more about the exciting programs offered in our preschool!


October finds POPPS humming along and welcoming fall, pumpkins, bats and tree studies. We will visit Demarest Farm to pick pumpkins, enjoy cider donuts and family fellowship. We are also excited that the fire department is visiting us to share fire safety tips and give us a tour of a fire truck.


While exploring pumpkins and bats, we also infuse faith into our school routines with formal instruction by learning graces to say before snack, visiting our worship space and learning about the seasons of the church year, and  listening to stories and having chapel time with Pastor. Sometimes faith formation is included in the little conversations we have when we talk about why we don’t smoosh bugs for fun because they are God’s creatures or that “boos boos” heal because God made our bodies super amazing. One of our students recently visited Van Saun Zoo and was observing the turtles with his mother. When his mother asked him what he thought the turtle was doing, he replied, “I think he is saying, Thank you God for happy hearts and rain and sunny weather, that’s what he is doing.” His parents and teachers were touched that he remembered and embraced the words from his snack grace. On my office wall I have a teacher’s prayer: “Lord, help me to strengthen their voices, bodies, and minds, to express their feeling and control them sometimes, to explore what is near and venture afar, but most important to love who they are! (Author Unknown). Amen!