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55 Years of Service
In 1955, a New York Post headline proclaimed, "Girl Chemist Finds new Calling: Will Be a Lutheran Deaconess". That chemist is our very own Hertha Fischer! CLICK HERE to read the story from the Lutheran Deaconess Association!

Pastor's Vacation
Please note that Pastor John Holliday will be on vacation from August 11th through September 1st.

The Pastor Peggy Niederer has been scheduled to preach and lead worship on August 16th, August 23rd & August 30st.

The Reverend Beate Storck, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Tenafly, NJ will provide for urgent pastoral needs while Pastor Holliday is away. Pastor Storck can be reached at 201-568-8821.
Stewardship - By Dr. Andrea DeCapua
Birthday? Anniversary? Another special occasion coming up? In lieu of yet more "stuff," how about asking people to donate to Prince of Peace in your name--A gift that keeps on giving.
Scholarship Application
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Scholarship Application
Attention High School Seniors who are pursuing post secondary education, including college, seminary, or trade school and anyone already enrolled as a college student in anyone of these areas. The Endowment Fund is making available applications for scholarships for members of the Congregation. Applications can be downloaded from our website: www:princeofpeacenj.org.

Applications will also be made available in the church lobby. Please submit your application on or before May 15, 2015, and send it to the attention of the Endowment Committee.
All are invited to two summer social events planned with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, our sister congregation in Pearl River, NY. The first will be a Good Shepherd/Prince of Peace Strawberry Festival, taking place immediately following our 9:30am church service on Sunday, June 14 in the Good Shepherd Fellowship Hall. Good Shepherd is located at 112 North Main Street in Pearl River, NY.

The second social event will be the Prince of Peace/Good Shepherd Blueberry Bash, on Sunday, July 12 here at Prince of Peace. A contingent of Good Shepherd folks will be worshipping with us on July 12th and some of the people from Prince of Peace will worship in Pearl River on June 14th. All people from both churches are welcome to come to both social events.

Offering envelopes placed in the offering plate by those from Prince of Peace will be separated out and returned to a Prince of Peace representative. The same plan will be in place when Good Shepherd visits Prince of Peace in July.
Annual trip to Lutheran Day at Six Flags - Great Adventure!

Please Mark Your Calendars for... Our annual trip to Lutheran Day at Six Flags - Great Adventure! Monday, July 6th Ticket Prices are $50 - Deadline to register is Tuesday, June 7th. Please Contact the Church Office or Pastor Holliday for more information

Vacation Bible School 2015
Our VBS will be held August 3-7, 10am-12:30pm

Wednesdays beginning June 17th 7PM
(If that's too late - come early! Someone will be here from 5pm on)
Questions? Need more information about decorating?
Contact Barbara: bmuses@hotmail.com

VBS Helpers:
Can you lend a helping hand during VBS?
Areas you might consider helping in:
Opening/Closing - Snacks . Music . Crafts . Games
Sign in/Sign out Table
Questions? Need more information about helping?
Contact the church office @ 201-768-8691 or email princeofpeaceoffice@yahoo.com

A morning VBS program for children, age 4 (by June 1, 2015) to 3rd grade, will be sponsored by Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Old Tappan, NJ. Vacation Bible School is a special time for our children to play, learn, sing and grow in God’s world.

Volunteers needed!

$40 for parishioners & current preschool families and $45 for preschool alumni & friends

Registration fills quickly and is on a first come first served basis. For more information email:princeofpeaceoffice@yahoo.com

You can help us promote Prince of Peace
Hello everyone!
I've been asked to reboot/relaunch/invigorate our promotion efforts here at Prince of Peace - spread the word about what we do and what we offer, with the ultimate goal of the congregation growing in size and also growing in involvement.
You can help with our outreach efforts - please "LIKE" our official Prince of Peace Facebook page, and check back with us regularly to read our news and events. If you read an item on our Facebook page, please SHARE it with your friends. Social media doesn't work unless our network grows. So start spreadin' the news about POP - it's easy!
Please note: the church office will be open
Wednesday— Friday from 9:00am— 1:00pm
From July 8th through August 31st.
Bible Study at Prince of Peace!
ASAPH - Adult Bible Study and Fellowship

Wednesdays, April 15th, 29th, May 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th , June 3rd and 10th from 1:00-2:30pm

"Jeremiah/Lamentations" Please sign the registration sheet in the church lobby or contact Pastor Holliday or the church office (201-768-8691) if you are new to the group and would like to participate.
Preschool Needs!!!
Our preschool 3 year old class will be having a science discovery and invention lab in the classroom. This is a great way to foster creativity in young minds! If you can spare any of the following items to enhance the kid's experience we would greatly appreciate it. Children's aprons,3D glasses, Measuring cups, Measuring spoons, Beakers, Eye droppers, Tweezers, Safety glasses, Mirrors, Clipboards, T.P. Tubes, Paper towel tubes, Ribbon, Yarn, Small claw hammer, Tape measures, 6" needle nose pliers, 6"flat head screwdriver, 6" Phillips head screwdriver, Mini screwdriver set, 2 inch clamps, Rulers, Small tool box, 9" magnetic level, Manual hand drill, Small workbench, Workbench vise, Sandpaper, Shells, Funnels, Sea glass, Test tubes, Rock collections, Crystals, Acorns, Snake skin, Prisms, Microscope, Broken appliances and gadgets (no tv's please) such as remotes, phones, toasters, computers, fax machines, cell phones, Scrap wood, Mallets, Nails, Screws, Nuts, Wing nuts, Jig saws, Wood glue.

Items can be left in the basket located in the lower level of the church.
Do you shop on Amazon.com?
By shopping at Amazon.com through our website link, up to 8% of your purchases will be sent to our Prince of Peace to support our programs!

Please bookmark the Prince of Peace Preschool website below and use it as your Amazon. COM connection!
Simply click on the Amazon link on the right hand side of our website, sign into your own personal Amazon.com account (if you are not already signed in) and shop as you normally would.  If you do not already have an Amazon. COM account, you will need to create one.

Please Note!

When you use our link to connect to Amazon.com, everything will look exactly the same as if you were going to Amazon on your own. Rest assured that your purchases through our Amazon. COM link will benefit Prince of Peace Preschool. With respect to the issue of privacy, we do not see your name when you make purchases through our website’s Amazon. COM link.
Thanks for your support!
The Property Corner

Work Days - The Work Day on April 4 was successful. Rafael Silva cleaned the outside of the windows at church, and Lloyd Aanonsen and Jim Schaefer cleaned the property. Lisa, Paul, and Alec Falzone cleaned up leaves, sticks, and other debris from the site of the proposed memorial garden.

The next Work Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 5th from 9am until 1pm. Planned work includes:
  • Finish any clean-up of the property
  • Clean inside of windows
  • Trim bushes, trees and other plants at church
  • Plant annuals and other flowers.
If you have other tasks/projects for the work day, please let me know. Lloyd Aanonsen will lead the effort to place wood chip mulch around plantings. Two loads of chips will be ordered from the town and Lloyd will get volunteers to move the chips as needed. Please be ready to help if Lloyd asks for your assistance.

Lists of Tasks and Projects - The committee developed a list of tasks and projects. Some of the tasks are major and will require significant effort, while others are can be completed in 1 or 2 hours. If you are aware of other needs, please tell Jim. A couple of tasks have been completed. If you are available to help by taking a task or by working with someone, please talk with Jim.

Wi-Fi at Church - Lloyd Aanonsen installed a Wi-Fi booster in the Preschool office. Running the cable from the church office was a challenge. He will install a couple of boosters in the Lower Level to improve signal strength. Next Meeting - The Ministry will alternate meetings between a weekday night and Sunday morning. The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 31 at 9 AM. If you are interested, please join us.
Adult Forum at Prince of Peace
"Racism: Is It Still An Issue In This Country?"
Sunday, May 3rd - 9am in the Upper Meeting Room
President’s Perspective

Listen! God is calling... That was the theme at the New Jersey Synod Assembly and a message that rang load and clear with me. We all need to listen for and respond to God's call particularly when faced with challenging circumstances and questions. For the synod, these questions included: Where and how are we to be the church together for the sake of the world? How do we make changes that will be life-giving? When do we bring certain ministries to an end in order for new ministries to be raised up? Whose voices go unheard unless we intentionally seek them out? What is standing in the way of our congregations being strengthened? Why are we often afraid to risk going where Jesus leads? In a local context, we at POP, wrestle with these same questions and also listen for God's voice calling us into action.

The mission context here at POP is very active for a small congregation. Having the privilege to serve as President this past year has exposed me to many of the good works you all are doing. We are small but mighty, and that allows us to focus our efforts on where God is calling us. It is normally customary to list the many accomplishments of the past year in a president's report, but inevitably someone or something will be missed, so I will instead say Thank You all for the work that you do. Please know that what you are doing is making a difference.
Best Regards,

Lloyd Aanonsen
POP Coupon Swap Club

I’d like to start a coupon swap club. We all get coupons in the mail, flyers, newspaper ads. Coupons for products we don’t use, or restaurants we may not frequent. It’s been awhile since I’ve needed diaper coupons, but someone else might benefit. Let’s start up a POP Coupon Swap Club. I’ll start us off by bringing in a small box of coupons we can’t use in the Lewis home, from manufacturers, restaurants, etc. come and browse through the box, and drop off some of your own unused coupons. The box will be clearly labeled. This is an exchange, so to get—you’ve got the give! I will periodically go through the box and cull any that have expired. Let’s give this a try, and save a little money to boot.

Mike Lewis
Social Action News - By Evelyn Passante
On July 16, 17, and 18, Prince of Peace will be staying with the homeless families at Our Lady of Mercy in Park Ridge. We will supply them with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and stay over-night. We need young people to supervise/ hang out with the children from 7-8:30 PM on July 16 and 17. If you can help with any of the above, contact Evelyn Passante at 201-768-0355 or evelynpassante@aol.com.

On Sept 15, we'll feed 130 people at the Hackensack homeless shelter. Then we'll need salads, dressings, bread, and butter, and paper goods.

Please remember to put food in our food barrel during the summer. Since the children don't receive free lunches in the summer, they are especially hungry. Needed items are: flour, sugar, oil, canned fruit and vegetables, diapers size 4 and 5, dry kidney beans or black beans, rice, peanut butter, and jelly, canned meat and tuna, 100% fruit juice, and paper products.

God bless you for all that you do. Have a lovely summer.
Council Highlights
  1. Treasurer reported a deficit the end of May to be $1,100. Deficit is higher than in past years
  2. Connections- Mike Lewis is working on updating a “Welcome Booklet” for new members and for marketing. "Social media" is our best source of getting word out about POP. Member posting about activities on Facebook etc. is an excellent way to reach out to friends and the community
  3. Preschool WIFI was installed, but still need to install boosters for the rest of church building
  4. Stewardship will plan a quarterly/short term financial and participation goals and will provide updates. The Ministry plans for more frequent measurement of goals to be shared with members. We will be celebrating accomplishments and renewing goals for future.
  5. Finance Ministry will send an appeal letter to congregation requesting a $350 extra donation from all families because we are running such a large deficit
  6. The preschool will donate $2,000 to help finish the flooring in the downstairs. John H. has a contractor coming in for an estimate. The job needs to be scheduled after school ends and before VBS. A council decision will be made in the next few weeks.
  7. The Endowment Committee met and will be presenting 4 scholarships to the four applicants on June 7, 2015
  8. The next Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday July 21, 2015 at 8PM

It's Stewardship time! That is, it's that time of year when we try to understand and respond to God's expectations of us as stewards and when we reflect on what our church, Prince of Peace, means to us. When we come together at Prince of Peace to hear God's word, to share the sacraments and to worship God with joy and thanksgiving, we are strengthened and blessed. At the same time, we need to examine prayerfully what we can give back to the Lord. Out of love for God, we give, and as we grow in love toward God, so, too, we want to grow in our commitment to our church.

Pledging is an opportunity for us to commit some of our gifts to God. We pledge of our time, of our abilities, and of our money as an expression of our love to God and of our commitment to following His ways.

I would ask all of you to prayerfully consider how you can best share your gifts with God and complete a pledge card and return it to Prince of Peace either via mail or in the collection. Pledge cards are available in the Narthex.
Pictures of Peace

Preschool “Messy Day”

Preschool “Graduation”

Visit POP on Youtube

Learn Sarver Heart Center's Continuous Chest Compression CPR

Every three days, more Americans die from sudden cardiac arrest than the number who died in the 9-11 attacks. You can lessen this recurring loss by learning Continuous Chest Compression CPR, a hands-only CPR method that doubles a person's chance of surviving cardiac arrest. It's easy and does not require mouth-to-mouth contact, making it more likely bystanders will try to help, and it was developed at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

Don't Forget your Church Family
  • We rejoiced with your family when you were born, a priceless gift from God.

  • We welcomed you into the Lord's family on the morning in which you were baptized, and we looked forward to seeing your light so shine before others.

  • We watched you grow and smiled: as you made happy squawks and chatter during worship, sat sort-of quietly during the children's sermon, and attended church school.

  • You were so excited to receive your first communion, and we happily joined you at the rail.

  • We celebrated with you on the day you were confirmed and officially joined our team as adult leaders of the congregation, and we looked forward to rolling up our sleeves alongside you and joining us in the work of this congregation.

  • We haven't seen much of you lately. We miss you. We'll leave a candle lit for you.

Your Church Family

Attention POP Musicians!
Mix It Up With Moses, Jam With Jesus, Or Just Play While You Play... Prince of Peace is still looking for people to join the Band of Peace! If you are interested, please contact Pastor Holliday or Barbara Fitzgerald.

Want To Learn To Knit, Or Renew Your Love Of Knitting?
Prayer Shawl Ministry is open to anyone interested in this art --youngsters, teenagers, adults of all ages.

Prayer Shawl Ministry will continue to meet over the summer on Mondays at 10:00 am. You are most welcome to join us for an hour and a half of handwork and fellowship!

For more information contact Doris Baumann at (845)359-5311.

Keeping Your Bills Down
The State of New Jersey has several programs to help homeowners with their electric and home heating bills. If you have an income of $18,000 or less you may receive up to $1,800 in aid. For moderate income individuals and even middle income folks aid of up to $1,000 per year is available if you qualify. This program is designed for the winter season. To learn more and determine your eligibility call 1-888-337-3339.

In addition, the State offers a Senior's Property Tax Freeze for those seniors with incomes of $53,000 or less. In a year this amount will increase to $60,000 and in two years to $70,000 and in three years to $80,000. The Senior Freeze has nothing to do with the property tax rebate you receive annually which you will continue to get. To learn more about the Senior Freeze call 1-800-882-6957.

Stewardship at Prince of Peace: What does my church mean to me? This year we are focusing on asking members to reflect upon what Prince of Peace means to them. As we reflect, let us think about how we can use our gifts and talents in the service of our church and our Lord.

One member writes

Paul's letter to the Corinthians (one of those letters – I'm not very good with Chapter and Verse notations) tells us that we each have gifts. The trick is recognizing these gifts in people and then allowing them to use them. We have those who are gifted in business and can tend to the "business" side of church; those gifted in giving who see that our mission work continues; those who are gifted in prayer who watch out for each other -- there are more gifts to talk about - but you get the idea.   POP has the ability to see these people and recognize their gifts and better yet, the vision to support them.

That is not to say that life at POP is perfect. It can't be, it is, after all, filled with sinners and so there will always be room for improvement.  It will always be that some of us are blind to visions and gifts to others, and that some of us will have the wrong vision in mind.  As members of POP we must find ways to continue to support each other and encourage each other even when our ideas conflict. 

Overall, POP is a place to find peace (well, most of the time) encouragement, friendship and so much more. It's a place where opportunities to grow spiritually and explore one's gifts abound.  

 Too often I hear someone saying they "don't get anything out of worship".  Worship is NOT a spectator sport! You "put in" to worship – you don't come expecting to "take out".  When we did the NCD survey and found that "spirituality" was our low point, the immediate reaction was "change worship".  But the NCD program had forewarned against that, pointing out that churches that score low on spirituality will do so regardless of what form their worship takes; the same holds true for those churches that scored high on spirituality.  It isn't about the worship "presentation;" it's about our personal relationship with God. So get to know Him better!  The best way to do that is to read and DISCUSS His Word. Dive in!  If POP doesn't have a Bible Study that works with your schedule, start one that will – talk to Pastor.  He is always eager to talk/teach the Word – as we all should be!

A strong personal relationship to our church is what makes our faith stronger. Please share your thoughts with me and/or the rest of the congregation. Hearing your voices helps us all reflect and realize the many ways the Lord gives us strength, support, and shares His love in our community here at Prince of Peace.

By Dr. Andrea DeCapua
Local Heroes Of The Christian Faith
We are looking for leaders in the congregation who would be willing to share stories of their vocations and God's presence in life with our confirmation class and other youth of the congregation. If you are interested, please contact the church office or Pastor Holliday.

  • What is your vocation?
  • How did you arrive at your decision to pursue this activity for your life's work?
  • How do you prepare to work in this position?
  • What are some of the things that give you joy in your work?
  • What are some of the things that are challenging about your work?
  • How does your Christian faith impact your work? Where do you see God at work in your life?

Help Our Soldiers Overseas!

Let's not forget to HELP OUR SOLDIERS. It's hot, dangerous and lonely overseas!

I especially need donations of: instant packets of hot chocolate; individually wrapped pieces of hard candy; beef jerky; packs of gum; chap stick; small snacks, e.g. cookies, crackers, pretzels; moist toilettes (water is at a premium in the desert!) Please leave items in the labeled box in the narthex.

One of the soldiers you have been helping me support with your generous donations and cards asked me to pass this message to our congregation:

"I received all the boxes that you had sent, and of course I shared with my fellow troops. Will you please do me a big favor and thank all the nice people that sent me the encouraging cards, I can't possibly address all of them, but I do appreciate it very much. Tell them that I post everyone of them on my wall in my little tiny room.

We do make a difference and I thank all of you, too.

Contact Andi DeCapua if you have any questions: 201-263-9552 or adecapua@optonline.net

Curbing the exodus of Christians from Jerusalem is vital for peace and stability in the Holy Land
Christians represent a natural and stabilizing presence in the Holy Land and with their churches, schools and healthcare facilities provide vital humanitarian services to all the residence. In addition, they often play an unexpected peace keeping role between the Israelis and Palestinians. Unfortunately, do in large part to a lack of affordable housing, the Christian population has dwindled down to approximately 10,000 people or 2% of the population in Jerusalem. Completion of the separation wall will likely further reduce this figure to less than half that. Enabling Christians to continue to live in Jerusalem is crucial to the larger goal of realizing the vision of Jerusalem as a city of peace shared by Jews, Christians, and Muslims and an example of reconciliation for the world.

The Mount of Olives Housing Project (MOHP) will provide 84 affordable housing units for Palestinian Christians in Jerusalem with a spirit of ecumenical and inter-religious openness. While serving only 500 or so Christians, this project is symbolic of a larger international effort committed to peace and stability in the greater Middle East. The major cost of purchasing land for the project is avoided because the Kaiserin Augusta Victoria Foundation and the Lutheran World Federation agreed to dedicate 15 dunums (3.75 acres) of land for it. The total financial requirements for this project will be $8M broken down as follows: US Donations $2M, European Partners $4M and $2M in Financing.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Lutheran World Federation and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land are sponsoring a Holy Land Summit on the MOHP in October of 2008. The purpose of this summit is to provide participants with an understanding of the issues and challenges faced by Palestinian Christians in Jerusalem and the urgent need for affordable housing. The group will meet with the leaders of the project in Jerusalem and key figures from the Israeli, Palestinian and Muslim communities in Jerusalem and Palestine to talk about the historical and modern day role of Christians in the Holy Land and to gain broad cooperation and support for the MOHP. Participants will experience day trips around the Old City of Jerusalem, around the Mount of Olives and to some of the historic and biblical sites nearby including the Church of the Nativity and Manger Square. They may also add on elements to extend their visit to include travel to Galilee, if their time permits.

If you would like more information about the Mount of Olives Housing Project, and/or the Holy Land Summit, please contact Jim Hooker at jhooker@mtofoliveshousing.org or Susan Hooker at shooker@mtofoliveshousing.org. You may also reach the Hookers by phone at 815.353.5032. You may also support the project by raising awareness of Christians in the Holy Land, by praying for them, or by making a financial gift to the Mount of Olives Housing Project.

Website: www.mtofoliveshousing.org
ELCA Mount of Olives Housing Project
P.O. Box 71764
Chicago, IL 60694-1764
Phone: 1.800.638.3522 x 2970

Worship, Music & Art Ministry Focus
What the aims and/or goals of this ministry?
  • Increase worship attendance.
  • Make worship more meaningful for all.
  • Teaching the Christian faith and understanding the meaning of worship

    How will it accomplish these in the coming year?
  • Offer a variety of worship and musical experiences.
  • Evaluate liturgies for Palm/Passion Sunday.
  • Integrate with other ministries (Education, Congregational Life and Witness)
  • Encourage more involvement with participation and planning
  • Advertise

    What opportunities are there for volunteers?
      Long term projects (approximate time needed):
      • Altar guild 2 hr/month
      • Worship leaders 2 hr/month
      • Maintain and stock candle supplies 2 hr/month
      • Choir 2 hr/week
      • Staple bulletin

    • Short term projects (approximate time needed):
      • Special music (solos and musicians)
      • Lenten Dramas
      • Decorating for season
      • Staple bulletin
      • Make a new banner
      • Readings for special services

      One-time opportunities:
      • Staple bulletin
      • Polish brass
      • Reading for special services

    Please Make suggestions to Beth Cochran, Eric Shreck or Peter Burgos

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