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Pastor's Piece:

Ever since I was a kid I have loved Dr. Seuss books! My favorite remains The Lorax, but there are several others that have also left their mark on me. Horton Hears a Who is one of those stories. The tale centers on the experience of an elephant, who finds a whole civilization of creatures called "Whos" living on a dust speck. Because they are so small, only Horton with his big ears seems to be able to notice them. He is forced to defend them against a kangaroo and monkeys who believe he is imagining them. In an attempt to convince the skeptics of their existence, all the "Whos" on the dust speck are urged to make noise so that it will be known that they are there. Not until the smallest of the "Whos" raises his "yop" is it finally clear that the "Whos" are there. Two valuable lessons emerging from this tale are that "a person is a person no matter how small," and "everyone is called to do their part so that the larger world will know that the group is there. "

Prince of Peace shares some characteristics with the "Whos" on that dust speck. The Whos had a big friend in Horton who heard them and defended them. We also have a big God in Jesus who hears and defends us, but all of us who know and love this unique outpost of Christian believers need to do our part so that the larger world knows that we are here! I believe that Jesus is calling us to move from being only a "welcoming congregation" to becoming more engaged as an "inviting congregation." What can we tell others about Prince of Peace? How can we help others to know something of all the good that is happening in this place of God’s grace? Perhaps statements like these may ring true for you:

  • Prince of Peace is the little church with a big heart for serving the poor and needy of the world,
  • Prince of Peace is home to an innovative Preschool where children develop a lifelong love of learning and celebrate the beauty of God’s creation,
  • Prince of Peace is the birthplace of the Band of Peace and their "rocking" gospel inspired music! Hear them lead worship at Christmas, Easter and on most Second Sundays of the month!

Prince of Peace is a place that some very talented, welcoming and "cool" people call their spiritual home! We are a group gathered by God weekly in an unusual structure, an eight sided building nestled among the trees and bathed in natural light. Stop signs also have eight sides. Why not consider the Prince of Peace’s architecture as a "stop sign from God!" Invite a friend to heed this spiritual sign and gain a firsthand experience of the great things that God is doing here! Ask Jesus to help you "find your voice." All of our efforts are needed to inform the world that Prince of Peace is truly here! Even more, we are called to share that Jesus, the true Prince of Peace, is here!

- Pastor John Holliday

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