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Pastor's Piece:

First grade brought my earliest memories of a blue ribbon experience. In our annual junior Olympics I received a blue ribbon for my good fortune in being able to throw a bean bag into a basket more consistently than my classmates. Certainly this is not an accomplishment worthy of Olympic gold, but it brought a moment of pride and recognition to me that has stayed in my memory over many years.

Blue ribbons are associated with memorable accomplishments. They represent goals that have been achieved. A blue ribbon is a sign of public recognition. I remember the blue ribbon this year at Advent because blue is the color of this season that prepares us for Christmas. It is a color that is associated with hope. This year during Advent I invite the congregation to join in a common goal of aiming for a basket with a blue ribbon. We will not be tossing bean bags into this basket. What I hope we will be doing is filling this basket with food. Food is an essential ingredient for life. Food is one of the great gifts that we receive regularly from our loving God. We as a congregation at Prince of Peace have modeled a pattern of sharing food for decades with those who are hungry. In Advent this year we hope to build and strengthen this legacy of generosity.

During this season that celebrates the arrival of the Prince of Peace, who feeds us all with his body and blood in the bread and wine of holy communion, I hope that we can unite in an effort of increasing our awareness of the needs of others by focusing on food and the need to share with our neighbors in need. Please look for the basket with the blue ribbon in front of the altar, the space that I sometimes refer to as “Jesus’ dinner table.” Make note of the many food items that are regularly listed in our bulletin that local places of food distribution have indicated are needed. Let’s aim to fill this basket regularly to overflowing, and to continue this emphasis on sharing food throughout the year. Advent marks the beginning of our annual worship season. A food basket regularly filled with items for the needy is one notable way we can continue to pledge ourselves and our lives to promoting hope, building peace and sharing love in this world that Christ Jesus entered at Christmas and saved through the cross!

- Pastor John Holliday

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