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Pastor's Piece:

Pastor's Piece - From John C. Holliday

Have the turkeys returned? That question was recently asked at a church meeting. To be frank I'm not sure that they ever left! In fact there seems to be as large of a "gathering of gobblers" on our property as ever! I am aware that there are some aspects of these rather large birds that make them a nuisance, but they have also drawn people to visit our congregation’s grounds. I have observed people stopping in our parking lot to take pictures of our feathered friends. The turkeys love Prince of Peace! Maybe there is a lesson that they can teach all of us?

During one of our study sessions for Lent this past year we were invited to reflect on attributes of our Prince of Peace congregation. I am pleased to report that people had nice things to say about our faith community! Among the comments that were shared about Prince of Peace included the following:
We are small but mighty
We are a friendly group
We are supportive family
We are creative, flexible and faithful
We are strategically located
We are generous, gifted and giving
We have a unique purpose
We are active and dedicated in our discipleship

Our congregation has its challenges, but when we practice that ritual of "counting blessings," I find that there is much to celebrate. I believe the turkeys on our church property are onto something here! Call me a turkey, but I love this congregation as well, and there is far more to attract people to this place than a gang of gobblers! Jesus Christ is active and alive in this assembly of grace! He's doing great things in our individual lives and in our shared activities. He is truly the great magnet that draws all people to himself, but we also do well not take His "star appeal" for granted. Please join me and countless others in sharing this good news in word and deed and in keeping the energy of Easter flowing to an ever greater audience. Any time is the right time to celebrate the love of God through Jesus Christ. Let's keep doing our part to ensure that it continues to spread!

- Pastor John Holliday

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