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Pastor's Piece:

February is the shortest month of the year. When winter weather continues to linger it may make the month seem longer than it is. During Roman times I have read that January and February were omitted from the annual calendar because of their association with winter. Evidently Romans, like some of us, did not like this colder time of the year. While February can sometimes feel like a drag, there are many reasons to appreciate this month. February is associated with ritual purification. It is the month that recalls how forty days after his birth our infant redeemer, Jesus, was presented in the temple in accordance with the Jewish ceremony of the redemption of the firstborn. Some Christians know this day as "Candlemas." Romantic love is celebrated in the middle of February. The birthdays of two of the greatest presidential leaders in the United States find a date of recognition in this month as well. In addition we have a chance to gather in groups for a "super" football game on the month’s first Sunday and wait for word from Pennsylvania on the month’s first Thursday regarding the activity of a famous rodent who reminds us of the importance of sleep and our yearning for the return of longer daylight hours and warmer days. The month ends in carnival with the exuberance of Mardi Gras. Perhaps there is more happening in February than we may initially think!

As I ponder this month that is sometimes overlooked, I am reminded that life is short and that our days are too priceless and limited for us not to savor every second. Our special relationships should be tended with love and not taken for granted. We live in a country that is not perfect, but one that still provides opportunities that many in this world can only begin to imagine. With all these blessings come the continued responsibility to share. May the Lord purify us all of the sin that keeps us from more fully embracing life. Worship in God’s temple is important, but it is also important that this worship overflows into a deeper appreciation of all that there is to experience and celebrate in life. Though our time of dedicated attention to spiritual renewal in Lent doesn’t officially begin until March 1st, February helps us to enjoy the feast before the fast that leads to spring and Easter joy. Winter, in more ways than we realize, is truly waning!

- Pastor John Holliday

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