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Pastor's Piece:

Pastor's Piece - From John C. Holliday

Christmas comes early this year! It really doesn't, but the later date for Thanksgiving may make it feel that way. All of this means that the season of Advent is even more at risk of being lost than usual. I mourn that possibility because I love the meaning and symbolism of the blue season of the liturgical year so very much. Advent is as "counter cultural" a season as there is for us in a consumer driven world. Its themes are quiet and contemplative during a time when the world is loud and busy. It gives space for us to hope for help beyond ourselves in a "do it yourself" culture. Waiting is to be embraced and celebrated in an impatient society that wants to "do more quicker." Taken at a rapid glance these values may seem "out of touch" with contemporary people, but a quick glance is not what Advent advises. Advent beckons us to pay closer attention to the small signs that reveal God's great love for us and the entire world. It invites us to be more patient with ourselves and to be more loving and kind to our neighbors. It is a season that prepares us to focus on a Savior who even now is trying to reach us and save us from self destructive tendencies that seek to poison our lives and this world that God loves so very dearly.

Advent is a time for telling the story of Jesus, especially for those who do not know it. It is a time for reviewing the story of our Savior's birth, and allowing that story to take a deeper root in our lives. It offers a new beginning for folk of all ages. We do well to seek the meaning and purpose of this abundantly rich time. During these busy weeks leading to Christmas, don't let the deeper meaning of this time of spiritual preparation be lost in the hustle and bustle of the secular season. Let Advent's pace give you space to breathe in God's grace and give thanks for the abundant blessings God sends that are so easy to overlook. Advent reminds us that even when we feel isolated and uprooted, when the world seems dark and cold around us, there is hope beyond ourselves and our current circumstances. This hope comes in small ways. It comes in human ways. It comes in priceless forms with great love. The light is truly growing even though the darkness can seem overwhelming and deep. Jesus Christ is coming to us! Advent prepares us for His arrival, and focuses us on acknowledging how even now He is already here.

- Pastor John Holliday

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