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What kind of church-sponsored activity would inspire you to invite a friend?

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Pastor's Piece:

Is everyone welcome at Prince of Peace? That is certainly our goal! More importantly, this is Jesus’ goal! One of the goals I have for our building and grounds is that in the way it looks and is presented that people know that they are welcome here and that they want to come into our distinctively shaped church structure. Is the word of welcome being extended as well as it could be? If it is not, what can we do to make the message clearer?

When someone enters our worship space to hear the word and receive the sacrament, are we extending the warm welcome that Jesus would demonstrate? Are we thinking about those in our lives who we could invite into this community? Are we praying for them, and are we looking for the right moment and time to “pop the question” about visiting our congregation? What would make our worship space more inviting and welcome to others? How might we become more welcoming in the ways that we live our lives as followers of Jesus Christ? Do you feel as welcome in this place as you would like? If not, what might be done to help you feel more welcome in this place of God’s grace? I am full of questions in my pastoral remarks this month! I hope that if we talk about and pray about these questions, the Holy Spirit’s wisdom might guide us with answers and new ideas.

Someone recently suggested to me that a welcome message for our church sign might be "only sinners are welcome here." Would anyone be excluded by such a statement? Ironically the only one who might not be welcome with such a remark is Jesus! Only Jesus lived a life of perfect love. Only Jesus has a record without mistakes. He knows that all of us need his forgiveness and love. He offers it freely to all. The world needs to know that there is hope and power in the love that Jesus shares. His real presence is at the heart of our Prince of Peace community. What might you do to extend this open invitation to God’s abundant life in the time ahead? Stewardship:

- Pastor John Holliday

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