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Pastor's Piece:

Easter Sunday has come and gone, but does that mean that Easter is completed? Certainly not! Easter is actually a 50 day feast, and every Sunday is to be regarded as a little Easter! During worship in the Sun- days of Easter the biblical texts focus on Jesus’ work to create a community that will be sustainable. There is preparation and waiting for the coming of the Holy Spirit who will be the guide of truth and wisdom to keep the movement going into perpetuity, but the Spirit’s leadership is always the continuation of the leadership of the resurrected Christ. In Christian community followers of Jesus are asked to assume leadership roles, espe- cially when it comes to conducting loving service on behalf of neighbors, but the true leader has and always will be the Man from Galilee who walked on water, miraculously fed the masses and transformed an instru- ment of torture and death into the world’s greatest symbol of forgiveness, love and life.

During the month of April here at Prince of Peace we will continue our emphasis on being and becom- ing the community of resurrection and love that Christ aims for us to be. As a community of resurrection we are grounded in the love of the Resurrected One. During this 50 day period of Easter feasting, I will also be leading a period of discernment and discussion to identify ways that the Prince of Peace congregation can provide additional support to fami- lies who are raising their children in the Christian faith. Our increasingly secular society has created new challenges and opportunities for sharing God’s love. It is my hope that through a period of prayerful conversation and contemplation over the next three months, this congregation will be in a better position to accomplish our mission of worshiping the Lord in spirit and truth and teaching the essentials of our beliefs about Jesus so that His presence has a maximum positive impact in our daily lives. Please join me as we enter into this period of celebrating our Prince of Peace community, and identifying some of the many ways that we can continue supporting each other in our common walk of faith. Thank you for your commitment to the Gospel

- Pastor John Holliday

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