God are not strong themes of the season! Even with this being the case, liturgical practice by some churches in the late 20th century led to the adoption of blue as the color of the Advent season. The use of blue reminds that Advent is especially about hope. The deep blue of Advent is the color of the morning sky when the sun is just beginning to rise. It raises in us a feeling of expectation and excitement to greet the new day. The blue of Advent pushes us forward into the future with energy and zeal. Hope interacts with faith so that we can see how God was present in the past and assures us that we will meet a good God in the future. It interacts with love in that we expect to meet a loving God in Jesus who makes life possible and worthwhile.

In Advent our focus is on Christ as the light of the world. The paradox is that when the natural environment in the northeastern United States becomes colder and darker, the focus on Christ’s light reminds us that the warmth of Jesus’ love remains bright and beautiful for our benefit. As followers of Jesus we are anchored by this hope shining from His light in all seasons, but especially during those times when other conditions in our lives may seem overwhelming, dark and cold.

As Jesus’ followers we are called to engage in regular spiritual maintenance work of living into the good news of hope. Worship at Prince of Peace during this sacred season of Advent is a wonderful and important way that can help us to do this. As we begin a new liturgical year in Advent, we are reminded of the stories of our faith and the priceless nature of the good news of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ gospel is truly something that should be treasured and shared from generation to generation. Like silver, it needs our attention on a regular basis so that its shine and impact remain as meaningful and timely in our lives as possible. The songs, stories and rituals of Advent are gifts from God to assist us in this holy work. Advent


– Pastor John Holliday